Can a Fallen Tree Stand Back Up?

Few things seem more disheartening than seeing your once glorious tree toppled over. Usually, when this happens, your first thought usually leans toward scheduling tree removal services. However, this might not be necessary.

Can a fallen tree stand back up? The short answer is yes. Your fallen tree does have the impressive ability to reorient itself.

Read on to learn how your fallen tree can regain its original position.

can a fallen tree stand back up

Common Causes of Fallen Trees

Let’s review some of the common reasons that could cause your tree to topple over.

Poor Health

Various tree diseases can impact your tree’s structural integrity, making it a lot less sturdy.

Extreme Weather

Severe weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, and the strong winds that occur during storms uproot even the sturdiest tree, leaving it lying on the ground.


Since young trees have not had the time to establish strong root systems, they face a greater vulnerability to toppling over.

Can a Fallen Tree Stand Back Up?

Your tree can prove a lot more resilient than you might think. Just because it has fallen over does not automatically mean it’s dead.

How can a fallen tree stand back up? Through a process we call tree self-pruning, your tree can slowly regain its upright position. Sometimes, your tree could rely on external assistance, like its root system, to reorient itself.

Factors Affecting Your Tree’s Ability To Stand Back Up

As well-maintained or resilient as your tree might be, its ability to stand back up will depend on various factors. By understanding these factors, you can gauge your fallen tree’s chances of recovery.

Extent of Damage

The severity of the damage is a crucial factor. If your tree’s trunk severely breaks or cracks or if your tree has exposed roots, it might be unable to stand back up.

Environmental Conditions

Conditions such as moisture levels, soil type, and slope gradient will influence your tree’s ability to regain its stability.


Though younger trees are more vulnerable to falling, they also have a better chance of recovering. This is because young trees have smaller root systems and more flexible wood.

The Weight of the Tree

Since heavy branches can hinder your tree’s ability to stand back up, your tree’s weight matters. On top of that, the distribution of branches will also play a role.

Tree Species

Various tree species have different regenerative abilities. For instance, some species find it hard to stand back up after falling because of their structural limitation or growth patterns. On the other hand, species like willows have an impressive ability to regrow.

Emergency Tree Services

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