How to Prepare Soil for Tree Planting in Murrieta, CA

Are you wondering how to prepare soil for tree planting? One of the most valuable planting tips is good soil preparation. How well you do here can make all the difference when it comes to successful tree planting.

So, in this planting guide, E.L.M. Tree Care’s reliable tree service company in Murrieta explains more about soil conditioning and landscape preparation. 

how to prepare soil for tree planting

Step 1: Assess the Site

First, an arborist will ensure that the ground has rich, loamy soil with plenty of air pockets. If you find compacted soil, dig it over well to incorporate more oxygen. Dig down at least two or three feet to properly prepare the ground. 

You can also throw in some rich compost to add more nutrients to the area and support vigorous root growth during the most crucial stages of the new tree’s life.

Step 2: Refine the Soil

Knowing how to prepare soil for tree planting also involves getting the right consistency and nutrient levels. Tree care professionals like E.L.M. Tree Care can help you get this just right for the tree species that you’ll be planting out.

Anyone adept at gardening understands the saying that too much of a good thing isn’t good. In this case, we’re referring to watering. If the soil’s soaked, let it dry out a bit before planting. Some people add wood chips or sawdust to soak up the water, but this is seldom good for a young tree, as the wood can be acidic when it decays. 

Tree bark is a better choice than wood chips, as it breaks down slowly and contains nutrients. Manure is another good option, but be sure to let it sit for a while before you plant your tree (fresh manure might burn the delicate roots).

You should also perform a soil test to see what nutrient deficiencies there are and whether the soil’s current pH will work for the type of plant. Only add fertilizer if the soil is deficient. 

Step 3: Dig the Hole and Plant Away

Make the planting hole a little deeper than the root ball but twice as wide. Dig before planting the tree so that the roots can get a good grip on things below the surface. 

When planting the tree, the flare at the base of the trunk should be just above ground. You can also improve the tree’s chances of success by adding a layer of organic mulch to regulate soil temperatures, smother weeds, and help the roots retain moisture. The mulch will decompose and release nutrients into the soil. 

Start the layer about two or three inches from the base of the trunk and extend it to the outer drip line. Make it about two or three inches thick. 

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Now you know how to prepare soil for tree planting. If you want to get it right the first time or need help with tasks like pruning dead branches, call E.L.M. Tree Care at 951-216-3650. We’ll whip your landscapes into shape in no time.

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