Understanding Root Rot Treatment for Trees in Menifee, CA

If a tree on your property looks wilted, thin, or unreasonably small with yellowed or browned leaves, root rot could be the culprit. This tree disease occurs due to improper drainage around the tree roots. Perhaps your Menifee property experienced an abnormally rainy season or you accidentally overwatered your trees during a drought. 

Whatever the cause, root rot doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for your tree system. The right root rot treatment for trees can reverse an early case of this disease and help your tree grow healthy and strong once again. Otherwise, you may need to remove the tree altogether. 

E.L.M. Tree Care, a top tree service in Menifee, shares its reliable root rot treatment for trees. 

root rot treatment for trees

Treating Root Rot

The treatment a professional arborist will use for root rot depends on the severity of the disease. In any case, the arborist will need to remove the infected portion of the tree; the disease won’t go away on its own. 

Mild Root Rot

If a tree is experiencing the initial stages of root rot or only a small portion of the tree has begun rotting, an arborist may be able to save the tree by removing the affected area. For example, maybe only a few branches have begun showing signs of decay, and the arborist can prune them. 

Quickly addressing the cause of the root rot can prevent it from worsening. The arborist will examine the drainage around the tree roots and address any overwatering issues to stop further damage. They will also look for other tree diseases that could be creating similar symptoms. 

Late-Stage Root Rot

Without early intervention, root rot will unfortunately lead to the death of your tree. The only root rot treatment for trees in this condition is complete removal. 

A tree professional will remove the entire tree, including its stump and root system, to eradicate this disease. Root rot can spread from tree to tree, but removing infected trees entirely can prevent the contamination of other trees on your property. 

Preventing Root Rot in Nearby Trees

If one tree on your property experiences root rot, other trees may be at risk due to the same causes. You can prevent roots from rotting by:

  • Understanding the signs of root rot: Examine trees and tree trunks regularly and look for symptoms like small, pale leaves, thinning of the canopy, fungus in the inner bark, and poor growth. Call an arborist at the first sign of root rot. 
  • Avoid overwatering: Ask an arborist about the proper watering schedule for your trees. Most trees gain adequate water from the rain.
  • Improve drainage: An arborist can improve drainage where roots grow by creating irrigation moats or replacing some of the soil with a better-draining variety. 

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