10 Signs a Tree Needs To Be Removed in Murietta, CA

Do you have a tree you think may require removal before it falls? Below, our team from E.L.M. Tree Care, the premier tree service in Murrieta, discusses 10 signs a tree needs to be removed so you know when to schedule services. 

1. Hollow Areas

A hollow trunk signifies internal decay and a weakened tree structure. You should call a tree professional to inspect your tree to determine the extent of the decay and removal requirements.

2. Dead Branches

A few dead branches may not be a big deal; healthy trees will shed as they continue growing. On the other hand, if you notice that all of the tree’s big branches are dry, brittle, leafless, and decaying, the tree may be dying. 

3. Fungus 

Fungal growth on a tree can indicate tree disease, leading to decay and hazardous conditions. Tree disease may also spread to nearby trees, infecting your entire yard. Here are some signs a tree needs to be removed because of fungal growth:

  • Wilting or discolored leaves
  • Trunk depressions
  • Scabs in the tree’s fruits
  • Seeping cankers
  • Spore growth

4. Decaying or Lifting Roots

If you notice roots or the tree lifting from the ground, don’t ignore the problem. Roots are the lifelines of your tree — once they begin to decay, the entire tree becomes a threat. 

5. No New Growth

Trees should spawn new growth each season. You should see new leaves and a slight enlargement of the trunk’s circumference. If the tree’s growth stagnates, it may be dead. 

6. Leaning

If the tree begins leaning in a new way, some of its roots have likely lifted. Have a tree expert look at it for a full assessment. 

7. Bark Shedding

While some bark shedding is normal, when your tree begins losing large chunks of it, decay is likely the culprit. Keep track of when and how often your tree sheds, making note of any changes.

8. Insect Damage

Wood-eating insects can quickly destroy large, beautiful trees, wreaking havoc on your yard. The signs of insect damage are not always easy to detect, but you may notice things like punch holes in the leaves, larvae on the tree, egg masses, and more. 

9. Multiple Trunks

Trees with multiple trunks can be less stable if the connection is in a “Y” or “V” shape, causing a vulnerable center of gravity. We recommend scheduling an inspection if you’re unsure about your tree’s stability 

10. Hazardous Proximity to Your Home

Sometimes, perfectly healthy trees can still pose hazards when they’re situated right next to your home. If you have a large tree right by your house, have it inspected regularly to verify its health and stability, thus reducing the risk of property damage. 

Choose the Experts for Your Tree Removal

Now that we have covered the top signs a tree needs to be removed, call E.L.M. Tree Care in Murietta, CA, today at (951) 216-3650 to schedule tree removal services.

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