What Tall, Narrow Trees Can You Plant in Your Menifee, CA, Yard?

Don’t have much space to work with on your Menifee, CA, property? If your lawn is on the small side, that doesn’t mean you can’t plant trees; you just have to get creative. Below, learn about the best tall, narrow trees from our tree service in Menifee.

tall narrow trees

The Best Skinny Trees for Tight Spaces

Slim upright trees are perfect for postage-stamp yards. Need help choosing the right tall, skinny trees for your landscape? Try these. All are well suited to our climate in Menifee (USDA Zones 9a to 10b).

Ginkgo Columnar Tree

Also called the Goldspire ginkgo, this tree turns a gorgeous shade of amber during the autumn months. For the rest of the year, its wispy leaves boast a lovely shade of dark green. Ginkgo trees are prized for their ability to filter and remove pollutants from the air.

In warm climates like ours, the Goldspire can grow 12 to 18 inches per year. This beauty tops out at about 50 feet.

Crimson Pointe Flowering Plum

The Crimson Pointe flowering plum features majestic, deep purple foliage all year. During spring, prepare for a stunning display of fragrant pink-white flowers. If you give your tree proper nutrients, you’ll enjoy a seasonal yield of tasty, golf ball-sized fruit.

The Crimson Pointe reaches a height of up to 25 feet and is one of the best tall, narrow trees for our Menifee landscape.

Japanese Flagpole Flowering Cherry Tree

If you’ve ever admired Japanese cherry blossom trees and wished you could have your own, now you can! This variant grows fast, reaching up to 25 feet in height. Its breadth is only about 12 inches, so it’s perfect for tiny yards.

As spring rolls in, this tree will mesmerize you with branches of delicate, pale pink flowers. In autumn, its foliage turns shades of orange and red.

Maple Armstrong Gold

The Armstrong Gold maple is a great pick for privacy seekers. This variety features a dense canopy, lush foliage, and dark red branches. In summer, its foliage takes on yellow and orange hues. It also puts out crimson blossoms that are sure to delight passersby.

Slender Silhouette Sweetgum

If you’re looking for truly tall, slender trees, you’ll love this sweetgum variety. In the right conditions, it can reach up to 60 feet in height, yet its breadth remains a manageable six feet.

Some sweetgum trees drop lots of seeds, but not this variety. It only produces a small amount of fruit, and because the tree’s breadth is so narrow, it’s easy to clean up.

We’ll Help You Choose the Perfect Columnar Trees for Small Spaces

Want to learn about more tall, narrow trees for your Menifee landscape? Curious about how far tree branches should be from your house? Contact E.L.M. Tree Care today. We’ll help you pick the best and most beautiful vertical narrow trees for your property.

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