Will a Topped Tree Grow Back in Menifee, CA?

Sometimes, homeowners decide a tree is too large. So, they decide to “top” the tree by cutting off the ends of some of the major branches. Many homeowners used to do this.

People are starting to question this practice. They ask, “Will a topped tree grow back?” Is it helpful?

Knowing the answer can help you make better decisions about your trees. Along the way, you’ll learn how working with a professional tree service in Menifee can help. 

Is Topping a Tree Effective?

No, topping a tree is not effective. The actual result of tree topping goes against its purpose. 

The aim of tree topping is to make trees smaller or control their growth. The thought is that removing some branches will set the tree back in growth. Theoretically, it will take the tree a while to bounce back. 

However, topping a tree does the opposite. It often encourages the tree to grow even more wildly than before. This wild, uncontrolled growth occurs as the tree tries desperately to replace what it lost. 

The end result is bunches of unnaturally thin branches jutting from the ends of the topped tree. 

Will a Topped Tree Grow Back?

Can a topped tree regenerate? The answer is that it depends. 

Sometimes, the tree will grow back to how it was. Other times, it won’t be able to. 

Having a healthy anatomy and not cutting it back too far will help. In these cases, the tree will have good potential for regrowth after tree topping. But, topping the tree tends to cause it to grow in a more uncontrolled way. 

Also, topping trees is incredibly dangerous to their health. The cutting opens them up to pests, the lack of top leaves exposes them to sun damage, and the absence of leaves prevents them from properly absorbing nutrients. All of these factors hurt the tree. 

Often, this damage will be too much for the tree. Topping may lead to a complete lack of recovery of topped trees. The tree will wither away and die. 

Overall, topped tree regrowth prospects vary. Some trees will be able to bounce back. Others will not. 

In either case, tree topping doesn’t help the tree. 

How To Help Topped Trees

You might want to help with the restoration of topped trees. You can: 

  • Ensure the tree receives adequate water
  • Avoid pruning it further
  • Work with a professional tree care service

Contact the Pros for Help With Your Topped Trees

Will a topped tree grow back? Possibly. 

However, the rejuvenation of topped trees is tricky. To give your trees the best chance of recovery, contact the experts at E.L.M. Tree Care. 

We’ll guide you through tree care and even advise you on how far tree branches from your house can extend without causing trouble. We can handle pruning and tree trimming while keeping your tree’s health as the top priority. 

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