E.L.M Tree Care’s Commercial Tree Services in Menifee, CA, Improves Business Curb Appeal With Tree Trimming 

E.L.M Tree Care’s Commercial Tree Services in Menifee, CA, Improves Business Curb Appeal With Tree Trimming 

by | May 30, 2024

When a Menifee, CA, business wanted help taming an unruly 45-foot tree, they called the local tree trimming experts at E.L.M. Tree Care. The tree was healthy but so overgrown that it blocked the view. The team showed the client some ways to improve tree health with proper trimming and set to work.

commercial tree services improves business curb appeal with tree trimming
  • Client profile: Commercial property.
  • Location: Menifee, CA.
  • Type of service: Tree trimming.
  • Tree size: 45 feet tall.
  • Equipment: Bucket truck, skid steer, cleanup equipment, three-man crew for maximum efficiency.
  • Service frequency: One-time project.
  • Season: Spring.
  • Specific challenges: The tree was located near a busy road and in close proximity to the building and a fence.
  • Tree type: Overgrown tree.
  • Additional services: General cleanup of leftover branches and debris.
  • Client preferences: Trim the tree in the front of the property to open the view and prevent potential property damage. 

Tree Trimming Project Overview in Menifee, CA

A three-man crew, a bucket truck, and a skid steer reshaped this overgrown tree to improve visibility and curb appeal, but this project had several challenges. For example, this tree grows close to both the building and a fence, as well as next to a busy road. The property owner also requested that the trimmers clean up any debris and branches.

As experts in tree trimming in Menifee, CA, the crew was able to identify the branches to cut and effectively thin out the overgrown tree. Tree trimming for better sunlight penetration also helps any remaining branches grow stronger. In particular, these professional tree trimming services focused on the following: 

  • Removing lower branches for improved visibility.
  • Thinning out the crown for sunlight and aesthetics.
  • Trimming the tree strategically to open up the property more.

The Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming in Menifee, CA

While the cost factors for tree trimming services do come into play, this business invested in reliable tree trimming from E.L.M. Tree Care and received excellent results. The commercial property’s well-established tree should remain strong and healthy. In this case, the team could also enhance curb appeal with tree trimming and enable a better view for security.

Another Client Happy With Tree Services in Menifee, CA

In just a few productive hours, E.L.M. Tree Care transformed a dense, overgrown tree into an attractive landscaping element. The commercial client in Menifee considered this tree trimming job a success. Considering the hazards that the enormous specimen presented, trimming was worth the investment.

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