Tree Services in Menifee, CA: A Case Study in Tree Pruning and Removal From E.L.M. Tree Care

Tree Services in Menifee, CA: A Case Study in Tree Pruning and Removal From E.L.M. Tree Care

by | Apr 23, 2024

Recently, a Menifee, CA, homeowner reached out to E.L.M. Tree Care about tree-cutting service to handle an unruly bottlebrush tree and remove a small fan palm encroaching on the fence. Despite being relatively small, these unsightly trees were taking over the client’s yard, so the professional tree care experts of E.LM. Tree Services got to work on tree pruning and tree removal.

Tree Pruning and Removal - Tree Service Temecula CA | E.L.M. Tree Care
  • Client Profile: Residential homeowner
  •  Location: Menifee, CA
  • Type of Service: Removal of a small palm tree and pruning of a bottlebrush tree.
  • Tree Size: 16-foot bottlebrush tree & 5-foot fan palm
  • Equipment/Products Used: Skid Steer, Loader, Chainsaw, 3-man crew for maximum efficiency
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Summer
  • Specific Challenges: The bottlebrush tree was very overgrown and in dire need of pruning. The fan palm was close to the homeowner’s fence, taking care not to damage the fence.
  • Tree Type: Bottlebrush tree & fan palm
  • Additional Services: Debris hauling and cleanup
  • Client Preferences: Prune/trim the bottlebrush tree in the front yard and remove the fan palm in the back.
Tree Pruning and Removal 2 - Tree Service Temecula CA | E.L.M. Tree Care

Tree Pruning and Removal Project Overview in Menifee, CA

When our professional tree care company arrived for tree pruning in Menifee, CA, we immediately noticed that the bottlebrush tree in the front yard was healthy but severely overgrown. The three-person crew immediately got to work, providing expert tree pruning service with a chainsaw and carefully trimming specific branches to reshape the tree.

In the backyard, the homeowner requested tree removal of a five-foot fan palm near an aluminum fence. Again, using a chainsaw, the team of arborist tree removal experts cut down the palm, taking extra care to avoid damaging the fence. 

Tree Pruning and Removal 3 - Tree Service Temecula CA | E.L.M. Tree Care

Expert Tree Pruning and Palm Tree Removal in Menifee, CA 

The expert attention from our tree maintenance company to prune the overgrown bottlebrush tree allows more light into the Menifee, CA yard, and the tree removal in the back creates more space and opens up the view. After tree trimming and removal, the team used a skid steer and loader to remove all the debris, leaving the homeowner with a clean yard. 

Tree Pruning and Removal 4 - Tree Service Temecula CA | E.L.M. Tree Care

A More Attractive Yard Thanks to Tree Pruning in Menifee, CA 

This case shows how professional tree removal and tree trimming in Menifee, CA, can make any property look its best. E.L.M. Tree Care exceeded the customer’s expectations with service that left them with a healthy bottlebrush tree and more open space out back. The customers enjoyed the refreshed space and increased curb appeal. 

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