ELM Tree Care Tree Removal Project Overview in Murrieta, CA

ELM Tree Care Tree Removal Project Overview in Murrieta, CA

by | Apr 1, 2024

A homeowner came to ELM Tree Care in Temecula, CA, with a request for professional arborist removal. The Canary Island date palm tree, towering more than 40 feet tall in the client’s yard, hung over the home and took up much valuable lawn space. ELM Tree Care, a specialist tree-cutting and tree removal operation in Temecula, CA, helped solve the problem through precise tree clearance and efficient teamwork.

Before Tree Removal
Before Tree Removal
  • Client Profile: Residential Homeowner
  • Location: Murrieta, CA
  • Type of Service: Removal of a large Canary Island date palm
  • Tree Size: 40 feet tall and 36 inches in diameter.
  • Equipment/Products Used: Bucket truck, skid steer, loader, chipper truck, four-man crew for maximum efficiency. 
  • Service Frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: Very large trunk and close proximity to the house.
  • Tree Type: Canary Island date palm tree
  • Additional Services: Debris hauling and cleanup.
  • Client Preferences: The customer wanted this tree gone so that they would be able to begin construction of a new driveway approach, helping boost their property value and enjoy their home even more than before.

During Tree Removal
During Tree Removal

Expert Tree Removal in Murrieta, CA

The Murrieta, CA, property was in desperate need of some timber removal when the client called ELM Tree Care in Temecula, CA. The massive Canary Island date palm stood 40 feet tall, spreading fronds outward and over the client’s roof, making any tree removal attempts difficult for the workers. With such close proximity to the house, ensuring the safety of not only the yard but also the nearby fence and home proved to be a challenging yet manageable task.

The customer wanted to remove the tree for the sake of a new driveway. Doing so would not only make their house more accessible but also improve the appearance of their property. The team of tree experts devised a plan of action and gathered the necessary tools for the job, which included a bucket truck, skid steer, loader, and chipper truck.

After Tree Removal
After Tree Removal

Palm Tree Removal in Murrieta, CA

Thanks to the successful teamwork of ELM Tree Care in Temecula, CA, the four-man crew was able to remove the Canary Island date palm tree fully. However, this task was far from easy. Due to the tree’s massive height and 36-inch diameter, the team had to navigate the project with utmost care. In addition to the tree removal, cleanup from palm fronds was also necessary. 

When the team finished, they left the customer to enjoy their home even more than they did before, with a yard ready for the new driveway.

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